Exceptional 3D Showcase Glasses-Free 3D Digital Signage at CETW 2011 in New York City

Exceptional 3D Auto-Stereoscopic 3D Digital Signage At Customer Engagement Technology World 2011 In New York City on November 9-10 with X2O Media At The Javits Convention Center Booth #537

Exceptional 3D - Glasses-Free 3D Transit Solutions

Exceptional 3D patented glasses-free 3D digital signage and content management solutions.

New York, NY – November 9, 2011 – Exceptional 3D today announced that they will showcase their patented glasses-free 3D display solutions at CETW 2011. The event is taking place at the Javits Convention Center in New York City, NY, November 9-10. It highlights a select pool of technology leaders who aim to be on the cutting-edge as industry trendsetters.

Partner and content management solutions expert, X2O Media, will be along-side Exceptional 3D as they present their auto-stereoscopic 3D digital signage solutions. Exceptional 3D’s patented no-glasses 3D display technology integrated with X2O Media’s content management platform is the first complete answer to the growing demand for 3D digital signage content management software. The future-proof integrated 3D software solution is capable of playing both 2D and 3D content together or in sequence and has already been tried, tested and proven. After great success in a series of various large network deployments over the last few months, Exceptional 3D and X2O Media have a clear vision for the next phase of their relationship as they aim to push the boundaries with 3D in the digital signage world.

“We are really happy to be a part of this event and showcase our glasses-free 3D solutions amongst some of the technology industries brightest leaders,” said Mike Egan, CEO of Exceptional 3D. “Our 3D technology has received many positive remarks and high accolades as of late,” continued Mr. Egan, “and that has really helped us understand what we must do to keep our customers happy and expand on our current products, software, hardware and integrated solutions.” Mr. Egan finished in saying, “There is a great deal of excitement and anticipation for what will come in 2012. The auto-stereo 3D digital signage industry is growing very rapidly and it’s something we look forward to being a part of as the coming year approaches.”

Exceptional 3D has made a big push over the last few months to develop a series of new products, partnerships and software solutions. CETW 2011 in New York City is the perfect setting to demonstrate some of the advancements in their glasses-free 3D technology. This will offer a chance to experiment and possibly reveal a sneak-peak at a few of the tricks they have up their sleeve, which will certainly be seen in full-view during the upcoming year.



Headquartered in New York, Exceptional 3D (www.exceptional3d.com) designs, produces and delivers a patented, leading-edge 3D auto-stereoscopic (no glasses needed) visual display technology. The company specializes in providing high quality auto-stereoscopic 3D displays, software and 3D content to resellers, system integrators, trendsetters and network operators for widespread adaptation at cost effective prices. Exceptional 3D hardware and software solutions are a ‘future-proof’ technology that enables flat-panel displays to show high-definition 3D content without the need for any eyewear or 3D glasses, while still being capable of supporting playback of standard 2D content. The company is ‘keeping it simple’ through first-in-class customer service and continual focus on delivering the best 3D experience for industries such as automotive, casino gaming, retail, cinemas, hospitality and a wide variety of additional vertical markets. More information about Exceptional 3D is available by visiting http://www.exceptional3d.com or following @exceptional3d on Twitter.

About exceptional3d

EXCEPTIONAL 3D is the premium 'keep it simple' choice for patented NO-GLASSES 3D displays, GLASSES-FREE 3D creative services and AUTO-STEREOSCOPIC 3D digital signage solutions.
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