VEFXi Introduces The First Real-Time 3D Converter Solution Called
3D-Bee Ultimate With Exceptional 3D Auto-Stereoscopic 3D Display Solutions

New York, NY – Exceptional 3D and VEFXi today announced their strategic alliance to introduce the world’s first live video real-time converter for use with auto-stereoscopic 3D. The 3D-Bee ‘Ultimate’ is the world’s first hardware-based 2D-to-3D real-time converter for glasses-free 3D offering full support for Exceptional 3D’s patented auto-stereoscopic 3D display solutions. The technological success for the 3D-Bee centers on the fact that VEFXi reduced the entire conversion to pure combinational logic, which allowed for the creation of a custom chip and forgoes the use of a processor while imploring a better set of depth cues.

“We’re very excited about this new strategic alliance and having our 3D displays as the premiere choice for real-time conversion of live video to auto-stereoscopic 3D,” said Eric Angello, CMO for Exceptional 3D. “We’ve worked tirelessly to push the creative envelope by delivering fresh, eye-popping 3D content that stops people dead in their tracks,” continued Mr. Angello, “so with the 3D-Bee Ultimate as the latest addition to our product portfolio, we can continue to sculpt our creative services and aim to deliver a more well-rounded, and complete, glasses-free 3D experience that can meet the growing demand for a 2D-to-3D real-time conversion solution.” Mr. Angello finished in saying, “keeping 3D simple in all regards is the goal and where content is considered a bottle-neck, the 3D-Bee Ultimate challenges prior apprehensions about the efforts for no-glasses 3D content becoming more mature, accomplished and well-versed.”

The 3D-Bee Ultimate enables virtually plug-&-play replacement of any existing video monitor and 2D video content seen in public venues with this no-glasses 3D solution. Acceptable input video consists of 2D, 60Hz, 1080p resolution, so any ‘on-the-fly’ conversion on Exceptional 3D’s digital display solutions will effectively deliver a customer-facing glasses-free 3D viewing experience. The 3D-Bee ‘Ultimate’ literally accomplishes what used to be thought of as impossible with respect to clean, crisp and eye-catching live content that is converted.

“I’ve had the fortune of experiencing this hardware combination and it is extremely impressive,” said Mike Yslas of Twelve-Strike. ” This is an ideal application for many existing markets,” continued Mr. Yslas, ” everything from sports bars and entertainment to digital signage can benefit from this unique pairing.” Mr. Yslas finished in saying, “the strides that Exceptional 3D and VEFXi are making with real-time conversion for glasses-free 3D is a real game-changer.”

Real-time, live content conversion to glasses-free 3D can be extremely impactful for advertising, entertainment and more. Adopting a piece of the Exceptional 3D business model, this hardware is fully capable of delivering a future-proof digital signage experience by playing glasses-free 3D content, as well as legacy 2D content in sequence or at the same time.

“We are very pleased about this new relationship,” said Lorenzo Traina, VP of Strategic Development for VEFXi. “We’ve developed a product that is the first of it’s kind and working with Exceptional 3D, who continues to move and shape no-glasses 3D, has been wonderful,” continued Mr. Traina, “both of our teams are extremely knowledgeable and that has helped refine our technology to create the best experience possible.” Mr. Traina finished in saying, “our product pairing offers a complete and cost-effective solution which any establishment owner or integrator can feel very good about with regards to enhancing their customer experience.”

About exceptional3d

EXCEPTIONAL 3D is the premium 'keep it simple' choice for patented NO-GLASSES 3D displays, GLASSES-FREE 3D creative services and AUTO-STEREOSCOPIC 3D digital signage solutions.
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