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Mike Egan
800.314.9122 ext. 1

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  1. Eric,
    I am a freelance writer and putting together an article, an online community for bank marketing executives, directors, and managers looking to exploit the potential of digital marketing. The article is looking at 3D technology in digital signs. Some of the questions that I am trying to answer include:
    How widely is the technology used now in the banking industry?
    What are its main benefits?
    How mature is the 3D signage infrastructure (displays, software, etc.)?
    How does its costs compare to non-3D options?
    Are there any differences in development time and processes for 3D compared to other options?
    How will this area evolve in the next 12 months? 24? 36?
    I was wondering if someone from your company could talk with me about these issues by Monday, Wed. April 4. I am EST and expect the interview to last 20-30 minutes .Let me know if you can help.

    • Hi Paul, I am not sure why the wordpress system is only just alerting me to your comment / request now, but if you would like to speak, please email me at, or kindly provide your email and we can arrange a discussion. We are just introducing the world’s first portrait glasses-free 3D lenticular solution, today, so it may be a perfect opportunity to revisit an interview. I would be happy to offer you insight and contribute for a write up. Please let me know how I can help.

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