Exceptional 3D Goes Global With Distribution

Customers Can Now Acquire The World’s Leading No-Glasses 3D Displays From Local Distribution Around The World

New York, NY, USA – October 23, 2014 – Exceptional 3D, the world’s largest provider of no-glasses 3D displays, today announced the official launch of a global initiative that makes their 3D screens available in virtually every country across the globe thanks to locally established distribution. Following the spirit of their slogan, ‘Keeping It Simple’, the company can now service customers locally from within their own country or region. The most noteworthy advantage is the significant savings on the expenses of shipping and taxes while simultaneously guaranteeing a quicker turn-around time for delivery. Ultimately, the result is a big savings right at the bottom-line.

“The two biggest hurdles we have faced in supplying our 3D digital signage technology to meet the global demand has been cost and time associated with shipping,” said Dan Fischer, COO of Exceptional 3D. “One of our main objectives has been to eliminate these obstacles which have cost our customers hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in shipping and taxes,” continued Mr. Fischer. “We were able to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ by establishing local distribution that effectively brings down the cost while doing away with unpredictable delays in delivery.” Mr. Fischer finished saying, “customers can now place orders and expect to receive their products faster because they are being serviced from within their own country or region. In addition, excessive shipping cost and taxes are now a thing of the past.”

To find out more about Exceptional 3D products, services and 3D digital signage solutions visit www.exceptional3D.com. If you are interested in becoming a reseller or customer of Exceptional 3D, contact Mike Egan at MikeEgan@exceptional3D.com.


About exceptional3d

EXCEPTIONAL 3D is the premium 'keep it simple' choice for patented NO-GLASSES 3D displays, GLASSES-FREE 3D creative services and AUTO-STEREOSCOPIC 3D digital signage solutions.
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